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What's with the name, Tiny Wooden Box?

When I was a young gal there was a tiny wooden box on a shelf in our bathroom. For some reason, this box captivated me. Whenever it came to mind, I would stop whatever I was doing and run into the bathroom to open the tiny wooden box. Inside the blue-velvet-lined box was a dried up, dead seahorse. A real one. There was also a smooth, white seashell nestled in tight like some sort of diorama. I would stare at it for a moment, maybe longer, and then close the box and continue on with my day. 

Tiny wooden boxes have a certain intrigue, they are mysterious. Why are they so small? Who makes them? What is inside them? They require me to be curious and ask questions. I always want to be curious, forever.

I guess I could have called my website dried-up seahorse? Maybe next time.


About Anna Grace

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I spend most of my time riding my bike, making things, and going to a cube job. I don't like that all of my wool sweaters get holes in the elbows. I do love short stories. People energize me and so do thoughtful things. 

I studied architecture. I greatly enjoy studying architecture. I currently work for a boot company since boots are like tiny buildings for your feet.

I grew up in rural Minnesota. I learned a few good life lessons like; make hay while the sun shines, grow and hunt for food or else you might not make it through the winter, be kind to your neighbors because you will need them when the cows get out, there is always fun to be had when it rains, and money doesn't grown on trees.

I am always chasing the next big adventure and it is bike racing for now. I am game and excited for it all. I race professionally for Visit Dallas Cycling.

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