What's with the name, Tiny Wooden Box?

When I was a young gal there was a tiny wooden box on a shelf in our bathroom. For some reason, this box captivated me. Whenever it came to mind, I would stop whatever I was doing and run into the bathroom to open the tiny wooden box. Inside the blue-velvet-lined box was a dried up, dead seahorse. A real one. There was also a smooth, white seashell nestled in tight like some sort of diorama. I would stare at it for a moment, maybe longer, and then close the box and continue on with my day. 

Tiny wooden boxes have a certain intrigue, they are mysterious. Why are they so small? Who makes them? What is inside them? They require me to be curious and ask questions. I always want to be curious, forever.

I guess I could have called my website dried-up seahorse? Maybe next time.


About AGC

Born and raised in the very rural midwest, I spent a lot of time outside getting into whatever my older brother was getting into. Which is to say, I spent most of my time outside getting into trouble and getting too dirty. 

I also learned how to drive old trucks before I was tall enough to reach the pedals, bale hay in the heat of summer, shoot guns that bruised my shoulder if I didn't hold them tight enough, ride horses in all weather conditions, make pickles with grandma, build tree forts, make mud slides in the rain, dig tunnels into hillsides (and reinforce them with wood so we didn't get dead), play cribbage or any other variety of card-based game, eat butter on everything, rage around the property on four wheelers, butcher animals for food, pick raspberries for jam, take saunas to bathe, etc. I also learned healthy conflict resolution from mom and that dad can fix anything.

I started my studies of Architecture in Fargo, North Dakota where I also trained for my first (and only) marathon in the dead of winter. I had a rule that I'd only run inside if the windchill hit colder than negative 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Pineapples were my favorite snack.

I transferred to the University of Minnesota to finish my degree in Architecture. I also dabbled in visual arts and cultural studies. I studied abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico, and traveled with my classmates and professors to Argentina and Uruguay to visit South America and some iconic buildings.

I moved to Portland, Oregon in the fall of 2009 and swiftly fell in love with bike racing, which took my life down a whole path.  This chapter came to a close at the end of my 2017 season when I quite racing. I had a really good time doing it and met some of my favorite humans on the planet, so I call it a s SUPERWIN as far as endeavors go. 

Over the past couple years,  i started a real career in digital design and website development. My design skillset best suits me, as far as I can tell, in the vast and ambiguous field of User Experience (sometimes abbreviated UX). I'm into it, always learning a ton, and holding on tight to the ever-fluid process of digital life.

I also cohost a podcast with two badass ladies (Barb and Abby). Our pod is called We Got To Hang Out and we believe that casual environments breed authentic storytelling. Most of our guests are somehow connected to the cycling world. The process of making podcasts feels very creative and fulfilling and I'm continually inspired by our guests and my fellow hosts.

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